Scalable Human Connection

I recently sold my EdTech business that I started from scratch, from 0 to 11 million downloads of our mobile apps plus a dozen online courses created. 

I find joy and meaning in helping people and making humanity move forward. And the more people the better, so to have more reach, I want to help people helping other people.

Before we continue, I wanna tell you that I have nothing to sell you and I won't help you if you work on unethical projects (I can't find any meaning in that)

So here I am, I now help busy coaches, authors, and online course creators. If you think your field is interesting and contribute making the world better, I might be able to help you scale your business, improve your marketing, and save you time with automation while still providing a delightful human connection with your customers.

I’m especially interested in these thematics:

  • mental health, well-being, personal development
  • ecological transition, climate change
  • and any subjects that are useful for humanity

I can add a lot of value in:

  • Creating automated and personalized “coaching” sessions
  • scaling the human connection with your customers
  • marketing
  • automation
  • improving your course completion and the motivation of your customers
  • improving the conversion rate of your leads

Warning: I’m currently busy with, but soon I will be available.

To connect, please send me a message explaining what you are doing (with an url) and how you think I could help: